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Class of St. Jude Membership
Individual: N5000 pa. -Individual Perp.: N10000. -Family Perpetual: N25000. -Charter/Renewal - 3000 pa.


About St. Jude Thaddeus




The St. Jude Apostolate is primarily a crusade of prayer for native vocations to the priesthood, brotherhood and sisterhood. Also the apostolate helps to spread devotion to St. Jude Thaddeus, Patron Saint of Difficult Cases, and to promote vocations and educate worthy boys for the priesthood and religious life.

There are several types of membership: Individual Annual, Individual Perpetual, and Family Perpetual.
Individual Annual
For either living or deceased. The individual enrolled participates in this spiritual treasure for one year. The annual offering is N5,000 for each member. A membership card is sent to the member enrolled.


Individual Perpetual
For either living or deceased. The individual living member participates in this spiritual wealth perpetually. The deceased members enrolled by their relatives or friends become perpetual members with enrollment. For each enrollment, a certificate is issued and a suitable momento is sent to the member enrolled. The single offering is N10,000 for each enrollment.


Family Perpetual
This special membership is for the entire family, which includes the husband, wife, children and parents of the married couple either living or deceased. The single offering is N25,000 for the group enrollment.


Five times during the year (January, March, May, July and October) a Novena of Masses and prayers is offered for the intentions of all the members by the Dominican Fathers and Brothers at St. Dominic's Church. A novena means nine days of prayer, modelled after nine days the Disciple (including St. Jude) and Mary spent together in prayer between the Ascension and Pentecost. During these novenas, St. Jude members participate by prayerfully sending in their petitions to the Shrine in Yaba and by reciting the novena prayers at home. The petitions are placed at the altar and remembered during each of the Novena Masses.

Members and non-members may send petitions to the Shrine in Yaba for special prayer requests. These petitions are received daily and are the very heart of the Shrine and center of St. Jude activity. Petitions come from distressed individuals praying for assistance in their problems, or asking help for friends and relatives. It is the special work God has designed for St. Jude, and he seems to take a special delight in obtaining favours for his friends - old and new. Many petitions are thanksgiving offerings for favours already received. For all petitions, many Masses are offered at St. Dominic's, the Dominican Community Ibadan, and even at the tomb of St. Jude in Rome. These petitions are distress signals to St. Jude. They are silent prayers for aid in some desperate emergency.

Votive Light
The beautiful St. Jude Shrine in Yaba is surrounded by vigil lights which burn day and night. They represent the devotion of those who have sent petitions and burn before the his statue as a prayer for some particular intention, or as a thanksgiving for some favours received.

Benefits of Joining the St. Jude Apostolate
1. A participation in the spiritual wealth of the Masses of the Dominican Fathers, Student Novices and Brothers.

2. A special weekly Mass offered for your intentions.

3. A novena of Masses offered each day for nine days for your intentions. Solemn Novenas take place five times a year.

4. A beautiful certificate is issued for each membership whether Annual or Perpetual and a suitable souvenir sent to the one making the enrollment.

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