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About St. Jude Thaddeus




One of the spiritual wonders of today is the increasing surge of devotion to St. Jude Thaddeus. Even more marvellous are the miraculous results of his intercession with God for his friends on earth. He listens patiently to trivial requests and he heeds hertening cries of desperation. St. Jude is especially effective in solving difficult problems. People usually feel that God has appointed him as a specialist in hopeless cases. The favours he obtains from God are an avalanche of graces poured into the valley of troubled lives. Often he amazes those in desperate need of God's favour by his speedy and effectual help.

The early Christians who were converted by St. Jude in Asia Minor, where he spent his apostolic years started immediately to pray to him as though he were still among them. This was a natural consequence, since they had known and talked to him personally when he walked among them and performed his wonders in the Master's name.

Persons in desperate need have come to him, and as a result of his intercession St. Jude Thaddeus has become known as the Patron Saint of Difficult Cases. It is impossible to know all of the miracles and wonders through the intercession of St. Jude to the Almighty God.

It was inevitable that the devotion would enter a new phase, for it had to have some public "clearing house" to sort out the petitions and channel the thanks to St. Jude in heaven. This public feature began some time ago when the St. Jude Apostolate was established in Yaba, under the special title of "Patron of Difficult Cases". This enthusiastic reception given to this public devotion was a singular demonstration of the private attachment held by thousands of people in and around centre of Catholicity.

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